What This Blog is About

Just a reminder about the intention of this blog. The Pecking Order's meant to be a forum to voice your opinions either for or against "the next big idea". Setting up a UN of Religions as was proposed in Seville, Spain last month or the Dalai Lama's idea for a team of Nobel Prize winners to act as arbitrators in international disputes is what we're talking about. Big ideas! Fresh and unbureaucratic! Sizzling!

The world is in crisis, hence, the title of the blog: the  pecking order. A pecking order, as NYU psych professor Howard Bloom describes it in The Lucifer Principle, is another way to say that we're programmed from micro to macro to duke it out. Mice duke it out! Men duke it out. Lovers duke it out! Pundits duke it out! Agencies duke it out! Nations duke it out! The pecking order, to put it succinctly, is the natural competitive drive that makes us ambitious to the point of crisis. How much more money? Burning fuel at what expense? Nuking countries for what reason?

A big idea for conflict resolution like the peace pipeline between Iran, Pakistan and India, for instance, would meet the requirements of a big idea. Two nuclear nations in Pakistan and India (Iran's iffy) have been duking it out for a little more than half a century. To what end? Millions of lives have been lost; tens of thousands in the contested region of Kashmir alone. Building a natural gas pipeline to feed the pressing energy needs of Pakistan and India, despite US opposition, is a big idea that works.

The bigger the better. I, for one, have little power. But I'd assume that if the fundamental argument that blogging collectively produces more creative results holds true than it might make sense for more than a few of you to chime in with peace resolution proposals.

On the brink of war with Iran or in the midst of an internecine conflict in Iraq, desperate for a solution to Sudan's genocide and Chad's refugee crisis, it's a prime time to come up with innovative ideas to steer the pecking order towards a more peaceful resolution.

Beats armageddon!


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